Chain Electric Hoist

Aluminium Die Cast Body Compact, tough body.
Alloy steel gears Precision cut spur gears ensure smooth and efficient operation with reduced noise.
Grade 80 load chain Provides added strength, wear resistance, longer chain life.
Hooks Forged hook, free swiveling with safety latch. Bottom hook with thrust bearing.
Wrong Phase Protector Wrong Phase Protector protects the motor in case of wrong phase position.
Limit Switches Stop hoist at both ends of the hook path.
Motor Squirrel cage induction motor with 40% CDF and IP-55 protection.
Panel Built-in panel with IP-55 protection.
Control Pendant Button Durable, waterproof, lightweight with IP-55 protection. For extra safety emergency stop button provided.
Powder Coated finish For added rust protection and better aesthetics.
Interchangeability of Parts Reduces inventory.


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