Chassis Sling


Now all your turning devices for turning automobiles, chassis, Marble Blocks, Machines, Moulds, rather anything can be secured on our range of Chassis sling. Impregnated with Polyurethane and plasticized coating to grip the load these slings are almost Anti-cut.

Qualities Of Chassis Slings
1. Damage-free rotation & cost-effective.
2. Enhance safety due to jerk-free smooth rotation.
3. Increased work efficiency.
4. Available up to 30-ton load rotating capacity.
5. Available both single side and both side coating.
6. We can customise coating thickness.

Universal sizes fit all machines like Vetter, Load turner, Pal Turner, Posi Turn, Wimag, EZ Turn, rather fits every machine.

These Belts are made in house in a special state of the art equipment to give maximum life to the product. The structure is controlled so that the load remains perfectly horizontal to the load turning device. Corner protectors and sleeves and coatings together provide abrasive and cut resistance comparable to alloy steel.

Instruction for the usage of Chassis Sling.
Few precautions to be taken are as follows:

  • Use protective sleeves to on sharp corners of the load.
  • The padding of sharp edges is a good job and recommended for longer life of slings.
  • The end fitting grab should be free of burrs or abrasive surface so that the sling eye remains intact.
  • Regularly check the padding to prevent slippage.
  • Follow regular safety instructions while lifting heavy loads.
  • Check the slings before each lifting for any misuse of lifting safety threat.
  • Check for manufacturer certificate, Conformity to standards certificate prior to use.


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