Flat Endless Sling


Endless Flat Sling is the most versatile of the entire web sling configuration. Endless Web slings can be used in all 3 types of hitches and perfectly suited for use with traverses in lifting or choking use. Its wear points can be adjusted around the circumference of the sling to increase sling life. Compared to eye to eye slings, endless web slings are much simpler to sew and thus are highly economical lifting devices.

It is made of 100% High Tenacity Polyester and Double thickness of Webbing. Flat & Wide Load Bearing surface. According to EN 1492-1-2000 or
ASME B 30.9, Safety Factor 7:1 and 5:1 Low Stretch Factor: Elongation 3-7% High strength to weight ratio. Available up to 300 mm width &
24 Ton Capacity. Colour coded for easy identification. Maximum working temperature 90°c.
Easy handling in choking use and loads are always carried by two strands. Higher load capacity as compared with web slings of equal width. Highly cost-efficient. Ideal for Pre-sling techniques. Available in simplex or duplex configuration. Flat endless sling is best used in lifting pipe bundles and in exports.
load chart flat endless sling
Flat Endless Sling Load Chart


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