Quadruplex Flat Sling

These slings are manufactured in accordance with EN 1492-1:20000/ASME B 30.9.


Quadruplex flat sling is made from high tenacity polyester webbing. It is color-coded for ease of identification for lifting and is manufactured to EN 1492-1:2000. Quadruplex webbing sling is made from four layers of webbing, either terminated in a metal end fitting or, more popularly, sewn back folded with a high tenacity Polyester fabric to form a reinforced Eye. The eye provides greater durability than the traditional leather eye. These slings are suitable for general & heavy industrial lifting, where a high safe working load is required with lightweight slings.

Quadruplex Flat Sling is as strong as steel yet lightweight and offers a reduced risk of injury to the hand. It also reduces damages to a load with a painted or precision machined surface. In order to protect the webbing from unnecessary wear and tear, various coverings are available, in any length, which can also protect both the sling and any fragile loads.


Load Chart Quadruplex Sling


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