Self-Adjusting Sling


Self-adjusting sling is extremely useful when the centre of gravity is unknown or tricky to calculate.

Self-adjusting sling is a great alternative to multi-legged slings, especially for non-uniform loads.

When the load is lifted the ring moves over to the centre of gravity and levels the load.

Different Components of the sling are Bridle, Round Sling & End Fittings.

Round Slings can be of polyester or Dyneema depending on the usage.

End Fittings are of Bow-Shackles.


Sr.No. Capacity (Tons) Dia Of Round Sling (mm) Bow Shackle (mm)
1 3 16 3.2
2 5.5 22 6.3
3 9.1 28 12
4 18.2 40 25
5 28 45 35
6 41 57 55

Self-Adjusting Sling





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