Spark Proof Chain Block

Compact & Lightweight Designed for portability and ease of handling.
Load Chain Wheel, Hand Chain Wheel, Chain Guide, Stripping fork & Ratchet Wheel Made from non-ferrous metals. Eliminates spark.
Spur alloy steel gears case hardened Precision cut spur gearing ensures smooth and efficient operation with minimal effort.
Alloy Steel Chain Provides added strength, wear resistance, longer chain life.
Plated hand chain Better aesthetic looks. Increased rust protection, longer life.
Brake Mechanical screw friction self-actuating disc load brake engages instantly for load holding. Two Ratchet pawls extra safety.
Load and Suspension hook with safety latches No unintentional unhooking of the load.
Powder coated painting Added rust protection, better aesthetic look.
Easy to maintain Chain block can be easily dismantled for maintenance with simple tools available in the workshop.
Easy to operate Quality bearing on load chain wheel, gears, and side plates ensures easy operation.
Interchangeability of parts Reduces inventory.
Overload testing Chain block tested for 50% overload as per IS 3832.


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