Tower Harness

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Anchor Element One dorsal attachment D-ring of forged alloy steel for Fall Arrest. Two Lateral D-Rings at the waist Level, one on each Side. Two Chest attachment Textile Loop for Ladder / Tower Climbing.
Adaptability Adjustable Shoulder, Thigh, Waist & Chest Straps with Work Positioning Belt.
Convenience Shoulder & Thigh Straps differentiated by a dual color scheme.
Ergonomics Ideally positioned sit strap to provide extended comfort
Size/ Breaking Strength Universal / 25 kN (Min.)
Standard IS 3521:1999
Available With Webbing Lanyard & PP Rope Lanyard
Available Lanyard Length 1.8m or 1.5m
Number of Lanyard Single Sided or Double Sided
Types of End Fittings On Lanyard Karabiner, Snap Hook, Scaffolding Hook
Special Add On Energy Absorber (44mm Web)


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